The Aftermath: Thoughts and Question After NFL Draft.

Most people would agree  that the Seattle Seahawk’s moves during the 2011 draft were a little odd.  The draft left fans asking more questions, instead of putting our minds at ease.  I was at the draft party at Quest Field and the room went silent when we picked Carpenter, and a lot of fans were angry.  We all wanted a quarterback, but we weren’t thinking logically. The  bottom line is tat Carroll and Schneider are setting the line up for something or someone bigger.  I have heard and believe that the Hawks are looking at one particular quarterback.  Now, there are a lot of rumors spreading like wild fire as to who that is.  One of those suspected for the role is Kevin Kolb. In my honest opinion, I think  that the Seahawks shouldn’t spend a high round pick in next years draft for him.  That could go down as another stupid move on their part.  His numbers aren’t stellar nor are they starting QB numbers.  He may have had some luck, but I am not totally confident in his skills.  The second rumor is Carson Palmer. I like this choice because the draft pick magazine that I read said that what we would give up would be a fifth rounder.  However, it seems unlikely that he would be worth spending a 3rd rounder on.  I know a lot of you are saying, “They will never trade him.”  I personally, can see the Hawks getting him, and for cheap.  He would put the Hawks in the running for the NFC West championship.  For now, though, we are stuck with Whitehurst as our only quarterback.  Luckily, we did make some progress in filling other holes and we may be able to make it 7-9 under the failed backup out of San Diego.  All in all the draft didn’t answer any question, but it did lay the ground work for improving the team.  Only time and maybe a lucky round in the free agency will tell what the immediate fate of our beloved Seahawks will be.