DE Raheem Brock denies walking out on $27 bar tab

Raheem Brock denies walking out on a $27 bar tab and says a misunderstanding led to his arrest last week in his hometown of Philadelphia.

Brock, the defensive end who spent last season with the Seahawks, told the website that he, his male cousin and a female friend placed an order at the Copacabana restaurant on Thursday night before the woman decided she instead wanted cheesesteak from across the street.

Brock said he and the woman left while his cousin stayed at the Copacabana. When they returned and a restaurant employee wouldn’t let them bring in the cheesesteak, Brock said the group canceled their order and left, thinking the situation was resolved.

Brock said that when police arrived and told Brock that he had been accused of walking out on the bill, the restaurant’s manager refused to accept Brock’s offer of $40 for the $27 bill.

Brock was arrested and charged with theft of services and resisting arrest.

On Tuesday, Brock tweeted a link to a story from ProFootballTalk with Brock’s account of the incident. He wrote in that tweet, “Now yall can read both sides of the story.”