Despite lockout, Carroll still competing

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was “all in” at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center Friday evening for his Win Forever workshop.

Geared towards coaches, corporate types and anyone who wants to compete, Carroll ran his workshop like he runs his games – in four, high-energy quarters.

“We are talking about philosophy,” said Carroll. “We are talking about approach, we are talking about communication, we’re talking about understanding the learners that we are dealing with… talking about everything that has to do with football except Xs and Os.”

“And it’s not just for football,” Carroll continued. “We’ll have coaches from different sports and people from the corporate world. We think our message applies to more than just the football direction and we’re excited to mix with the people and turn them on to what Win Forever is all about.”

According the website, the Win Forever coaching philosophy is the “new generation of coaching for the next generation of athlete.”

And speaking of athletes, Carroll answered a few questions about his own team and what this lockout means for his players and staff.

“We’ve been doing everything that we normally do,” Carroll explained. “It’s been normal for us with the exception of being on the field with the players. Of course it’s not normal that we don’t get to see them working out and all that, but we’ve done all of our work, we’re ready for the season.”

And although direct communication between coaches and players during the lockout is not permitted, Carroll has been monitoring the grapevine and is well aware of the recent University of Washington workouts. “It’s been intense and the guys have had a great attitude about it,” said Carroll. “We get messages from around, and we hear what guys are doing around the country and know that guys are working out the way they should, so we’re pleased to hear those reports.”

“It’s the right thing to do right now.”

Carroll said that he and his staff have been patient in supporting the lockout process and are now ready for anything. “We are just going to wait until the announcements come out,” he said. “Camp is ready to go. If there are times for minicamps or OTAs or whatever, we’ll wait and see what the ruling is and jump in as soon as we can. Our guys are on call to do that.”