Pete Carroll still coaching the coaches

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has more time on his hands than he usually experiences during this time of year.

“A little more than usual,” he said. “I have to create some activities around here.”

One of the productive diversions Carroll has created is his series of Win Forever coaching workshops. The final one will be held on Friday at Seahawks headquarters in Renton.

The free workshops are sponsored by Nike, and set up as a way to raise money for Carroll’s community service work with A Better LA. Carroll has hosted a series of coaching workshops across the country, including Los Angeles, Dallas and at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif.

The workshop is free, and available to both coaches from all sports as well as corporate folks looking to improve their leadership skills.

“What we’ve taken on is a thought to reach out to the new generation of coaches that are going to coaching the next generation of athletes,” he said. “And knowing that young kids have so much going on, and that their interests are more diverse and spread out than ever before, we’ve got to do a really good job of reaching these guys so we can teach them well, and engage them in an activity that they really joy and make their sports experience really fun.

“And so we know that there’s so many young coaches out there that haven’t had an opportunity to get their philosophy and their approach in order. And so we offer ours, but also we challenge them to create their own, that’s tailored perfectly to their own make-up. So it’s not about Xs and Os. It’s about philosophy and approach.”

Carroll said what he found out in his first year in Seattle is that his approach still translates to the NFL game, and it’s something that will continue to grow over time.

“You wouldn’t be competing if you weren’t, so it’s always up to challenge, adjust and change,” he said. “However, the principles, and the approach, and the language and the communication and the manner in which we carry that message is the same. But we’re always tweeking. But philosophically we haven’t changed anything.”

“And that was something I was really excited to do, to see if we could get that done. And demonstrate how it does apply on this level, as well as it applies all the way down to Pop Warner football and little league baseball all they way throughout, and that it can carry you.”

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll (Joe Barrentine/TNT)

According to the team’s web site, the event is filled. However, you can still sign-up for the waiting list by email at The event runs from 6-10 p.m.

Along with talking about the upcoming event, I also snuck in a couple questions about the upcoming season

Carroll waiting patiently: With his free time, Carroll said the coaching staff has been focused on making improvements schematically on both sides of the ball by reviewing last year’s film and making tweaks for the upcoming season.

“It is unusual, and hasn’t been as much fun as it usually is, with all the interaction and chances to grow,” Carroll said. “You just have to postpone a lot of stuff. So what we’ve done is we’ve had a lot more opportunity to go into more depth, and looks at things with more focus. We normally would have had probably close to 200 hours with players the football-related practices and workout stuff. As you can imagine, that’s a lot of time not spent with them. So we’ve have to refocus where we’ve could.”

Even though the players are missing the off-season work with coaches, Carroll said he does not expect play during the regular-season to suffer.

“I don’t know if you’ll be able to notice it much,” he said. “At the end of the year we’ll look back and see the efficiencies and stuff like that, the completion percentages and the penalties, but I think it’s going to be relative for the most part, and you shouldn’t notice much. That’s what I’m hoping, I should say.”