Golden Tate learns a lesson: Don’t mess with NASCAR fans

After Seahawks receiver Golden Tate caused a controversy by saying NASCAR drivers aren’t athletes, he has decided to relent.

Tate appeared on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio and said that after hearing from hundreds of NASCAR fans on Twitter, he wants them to know he doesn’t mean them any disrespect.

“I will say this: NASCAR fans, do not mess with them,” Tate said. “Do not mess with them. They will eat you alive.”

Tate said that when he tweeted that NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson doesn’t deserve to be considered a great athlete, it was just an instant reaction and not intended to be an insult.

“I wasn’t really too familiar with Jimmie Johnson,” Tate said. “I didn’t mean it to be any disrespect although it might have come across that way.”

In the days since Tate tweeted about NASCAR, he said he has learned a lot about it and is impressed with the drivers.

“I did read up and educate myself, and I will say this: They are incredible people to do that,” Tate said. “After reading up on it I do have respect and I do want to apologize to NASCAR nation.”

via Golden Tate learns a lesson: Don’t mess with NASCAR fans | ProFootballTalk.