Is Carson Palmer the answer to the Seahawks QB dilemma?

The Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback situation is mired in uncertainty and Danny O’Neil, Seahawks beat writer for the Seattle Times, does not think Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer is the realistic answer.

“I don’t think Cincinnati is going to trade Carson Palmer, the history of that organization is that they don’t have players tell them where they are going to play,” O’Neil said on Tuesday’s Brock and Salk Show. “When the organization makes up their mind, it sticks to it.”

Palmer has threatened to retire if Cincinnati doesn’t trade him, but Bengals owner Mike Brown said he has no plans of granting Palmer’s demands.

“Would I want Carson Palmer? Yeah. I think you are getting someone that even two or three years ago was considered a franchise quarterback. I think there is a lot of question about what is realistic to give up for him regarding the arm problems he had,” said O’Neil.

O’Neil said the Seahawks will be quick to sort out their quarterback dilemma when the lockout comes to an end. He said the Seahawks will have to decide between three different paths: re-sign Matt Hasselback, trade for Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb or settle with Charlie Whitehurst as the starting quarterback.

“I think it is a 51 percent [chance] that Matt is back – I think that it is still very close – but if you ask me my opinion, I do think [Hasselbeck] will end up back here,” said O’Neil.