Seahawks Offered 1st and 3rd Round Picks for Kevin Kolb

According to a report by Dave Mahler of 950 KJR Seattle, the Seattle Seahawks have offered a first and a third round draft pick for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb.

However, it’s unknown whether Mahler is correct in his statement, and it’s also possible that the deal was discussed briefly before the lockout.

Whether or not the Seahawks really did offer the draft picks for Kolb, I would be surprised if they would give up so much to acquire him.

I still think that he is going to the Arizona Cardinals in a trade for star cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. After all, the Eagles have already stated that they want players, not draft picks, for Kolb.

And just for the record, I still don’t understand why the trade value for Kevin Kolb is SO high.