A continuing story for Seahawks’ Mike Williams

Don’t call it a comeback, Mike Williams has been here a year.

The story line isn’t nearly so simple for Williams’ second season as a Seahawk. The question is no longer whether he can reclaim his football career, but how far he can take it.

He was the feel-good story of last season’s Seahawks. The former first-round pick who had spent two seasons unemployed only to rebound from that abyss to a starting job, 65 catches and a three-year extension. It was a tidy little tale of perseverance and determination that detailed the 30-some pounds he lost, mentioned his always impressive size at 6 feet 5 and praised his more professional approach to coaching. The result was a story that fit neatly into the traditional trilogy of an athlete’s rise, precipitous fall and ultimate redemption.

Except the comeback wasn’t the conclusion to Williams’ story.

“It’s just a start,” Williams said. “Just a start. Two touchdowns is not that big of a deal. And that’s just how I feel.”

There were lots of statistics Williams could have recited. He caught 65 passes in 2010,21 more than in his first three years after the Lions chose him 10th overall in the 2005 draft. He started 13 games for the Seahawks last season, and caught 10 or more passes three times.

Yet, he not only chose the single least impressive statistic of his entire season, but then made light of the several times he was tackled inside the opponent’s 5-yard line.

“If there’s a getting-tackled-at-the-1 Pro Bowl, I definitely would have been first ballot for that,” he said.

via Seahawks | A continuing story for Seahawks’ Mike Williams | Seattle Times Newspaper.