Confirmed: CB Jennings re-signs with Hawks

Peter King of Sports Illustrated is reporting that cornerback Kelly Jennings returned to the Seattle Seahawks on a one-year deal. I know that Jennings was one of the players Seattle reached out to once free agency began, and they were interested in bringing him back. But they probably had to wait and see how the market developed for the 28-year-old corner.

UPDATE: The team confirmed Jennings had agreed to a one-year deal.

Jennings will have some intense competition from Walter Thurmond, Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner if he wants to regain his starting job.


  1. KJ is crap and has misses play after play. Qbs love this guy on the field, he 5 ft nothing weighs as much as Justin Forsetts cup and is as slow as the "Nigerian Nightmare"Christian Okyay. What the Frick do they see in this guy, I mean he looks like he just stepped off the script of the old Time Bandit movie,I was so glad he was a free agent…he would go away, but no you get rid of Tutpu an Hass but resign he black elmerfud.I guess it's Go Cowboys.

    • Well, I GUESS YOU WERE QUITE THE FOOTBALL STAR IN YOUR DAY! I do not think he will be on the field if he is as bad as you say. Caroll is headed in the RIGHT direction you build a team the way he is going about it. They will be fine without matt or tautupu, Seattle is loading their pistol with young hungry players, we will have to sit back and control our arm chair quarterback and make it HAPPEN! p.s maybe you should show the coach or KJ how it's DONE.