Did Charlie Whitehurst get a “RAW” deal?

It’s interesting that Pete Carroll will be at the University Book Store tonight at 7, signing paperback copies of his book, “Win Forever.”

I say it’s interesting because one of the concepts in “Win Forever” is “always compete.” Carroll is big on competition, wanting players to relentlessly battle for starting spots. If you’re a starter, you want to hold off the backup. If you’re the backup, you’re doing your damndest to unseat the starter. All of these individual battles improve the team.

It’s a terrific concept. What I get a kick out of is Carroll talking about this stuff like it’s unique to him when in fact, every coach at every level in every sport uses the same concept.

“Always compete” is so near and dear to Carroll that it came as a complete surprise when the Seahawks’ head coach announced two weeks ago that Tarvaris Jackson would be his starting quarterback.

Carroll made this decision before Jackson took his first snap at training camp, saying it’s because of Jackson’s familiarity with the offensive system. Darrell Bevell was the offensive coordinator at Minnesota, where Jackson played before, so it made some sense – not much, but some – that he’d better suited to run Seattle’s offense than Charlie Whitehurst.

Go 2 Guy reaction – Are you kidding me? Jackson never cut it in Minnesota. The Vikings thought so little of him that they released him last spring, making Jackson a free agent. They cut him before they signed Donovan McNabb. In other words, at the time of his release, they thought more of first-round draft choice Christian Ponder and Joe Webb.

And how are you feeling if you’re Charlie Whitehurst? After Matt Hasselbeck was allowed to drift off to Tennessee, Whitehurst spent two or three days thinking he’d be the new starting QB in Seattle until he suddenly wasn’t.

After the Jackson signing was announced, if I’m Whitehurst, I’m thinking: “Hey, wait a minute, I thought I was your guy!” But I’m still thinking I’m going to beat out Jackson because I’ve seen him play in Minnesota and surely I’m a better quarterback than he is.

But then Carroll announced that Jackson is his starter and presumably will change one of his mantras to “Sometimes Compete.”

I’d be livid if I’m Whitehurst. To his credit, he reacted with a bunch of politically correct crap, saying he was disappointed but understood the decision or something like that.

It must have done wonders for Whitehurst’s confidence. Last year Carroll said Whitehurst just needed more reps to become a starting quarterback in the NFL. Then when he’s on the verge of getting more reps, Jackson is signed.

Clearly the Seahawks don’t feel like Whitehurst is going to cut it long-term. They believe that if a QB on their roster is going to turn into an above-average player or maybe even a star, Jackson has a better chance of that happening than Whitehurst. If it doesn’t work out, they can find their next franchise QB in the draft.

Here’s what I’d like to see – a full-blown quarterback controversy. I want to see how Carroll reacts if Jackson struggles in the preseason and Whitehurst plays lights out. What will Carroll say then? Will he continue to stick with Jackson? Or if he goes with Whitehurst, what kind of mumbo-jumbo will he use as an explanation for changing QBs?

Truth of the matter, I’m pulling for Whitehurst. I think he deserves a chance and believe that he still has a shot to be the starter when the Seahawks open the regular season in San Francisco.


  1. Pete Carroll, Tavaris Jackson and some Seahawk fans enjoy living in the ignorant fantasy world of; "Let's be Positive" – News Flash,… Tarvaris "T-Joke" Jackson will be ousted by the "Loyal Seattle Boo Birds" by game 4 and the longer it takes Pete "Positively Sometimes Com-Pete" Carroll to realize this, the sooner he will lose the locker room. The Seahawks cannot count on the NFL draft for a QB, and that's a proven fact, QB picks rarely come to fruition. We have a potentially good QB in Charlie Whitehurst if given the chance, did everyone forget about the way Kurt Warner was often over-looked! According to the Seahawks Front Office they will have you believe Tarvaris was jerked around in Minnesota, but less than 10 minutes of internet searches on him will prove to you that, that was not the case, and speaking of getting jerked around, what is Pete "Positively Sometimes Com-Pete" Carroll doing to Charlie Whitehurst right now? Does anyone remember who won the week 17, essentially a Play-Off Game, that got us into the Play-Offs and won the Seahawks the NFC West Division Title, it was Charlie Whitehurst,… oh how quickly we forget! Tarvaris "T-Joke" Jackson had many chances and blew it because of his lack of merits. He is illiterate, incoherent and can hardly complete a sentence or train of thought on his own, what makes anyone think he will complete the task of a starting NFL Quarterback, or running any NFL Offense, (P.S. Note to Jackson, "Run Forward Not Backward) at best he will prove to be a practice squad guy, but my guess is he will just be known as the QB mistake, the Seattle Seahawks and Pete "Positively Sometimes Com-Pete" Carroll over-paid and over-hyped! Charlie Whitehurst just might be our Kurt Warner,… but I guarantee you this much, if he is never given the chance, he will never have the chance to prove it! Here is a word of advice to Tarvaris "T-Joke" Jackson and Pete "Positively Sometimes Com-Pete" Carroll about the Minnesota Vikings Game this Saturday,… Red Dye #4,… Purchase as much as you guys can get your hands on,… then soak T-Joke’s jersey in it as long as possible prior to game day! After the game T-Joke you should quite for 2 weeks and think about all the mistakes you made and how you could improve yourself,… After your 2 weeks are up,… you should quite for good T-Joke, because you are a Joke, and give Charlie Whitehurst his well deserved shot at something you'll never be able the to grasp!

  2. Ya know still think hasselbeck was our guy,even when looking at his last couple years.But after the first game i'd have to agree that whitehurst looked better,still three games left to decide thou.

  3. Boy,, Hawksrus is really upset.. Take a breather… I am ready to give T.J. a shot but I am also keeping C.W. very close to me ,,after last year he should be given a better shot than he is getting ,, BUT,, this is the big leagues and this is where he must stand up or sit down and cry about it..I guess we will see in the next two weeks…I'm hanging in there for C.W. Also if T.J. got a raw deal from Minn ??? Was'nt Darrel Bevell there while this RAW DEAL was taking place ???

  4. Whitehurst has completely outplayed Jackson in two pre-season games, and Carroll's response? Asked if he'd at all consider reopening the quarterback competition Carroll said, "I'm not in that mindset at all." Fortunately, Seahawks fans are starting to see through hypocritical facade, and openly call for Whitehurst to start…