Pete Carroll ‘hacks’ UW Athletics’ Twitter account?

So the word on the street is Pete Carroll hacked into the University Of Washington’s Twitter account, Pete Carroll lay-ed claim to it only moments later on his own Twitter account, he then took jabs at Coach Sarkisian and the student body.

So if this were really true, then we should see an article in tomorrows newspapers reading Pete Carroll either arrested or questioned about hacking into UW’s Twitter account. I smell a rat and his first name reads, “Publicity Stunt”!

Obviously this is Pete Carroll’s Trojan Horse for the year 2011?

  • A new Trojan horse virus was discovered this morning, and it hadn’t infected the University of Washington’s Twitter feed @UWAthletics so much as it had invaded.
  • well hello there huskies… you’ve been hacked!! -pc

  • Not very sleuthful, there. It wasn’t just digital fingerprints, but initials.
  • Anyone familiar with being RickRoll’d need not click on that link. If you don’t know, you better ask somebody. Or you could click on that link, and then try to describe which non-RickRolling cave you’ve been living in these past two years.
  • just hacked into the  account… this is going to be fun… where you at ??

  • And then comes the confession without even so much as an interrogation. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, who was the USC head coach when Steve Sarkisian was the offensive coordinator, laid claim to the hack. Now, @UWAthletics followers can only hope the former Trojans coach doesn’t subject us to the insufferable “Conquest.”
  • And like any good cyber … errr … sabotage, there is a goal in mind, too: publicity for Pete Carroll’s book reading at the UW Bookstore on Tuesday, “Win Forever” now in paperback.
  • – you guys have been HAWK’d! my response to and husky nation… -pc