Pete Carroll, Trade Charlie Whitehurst While You Can!

Okay i know all you naysayers will come on here and cry wolf, but hear me out. If tonight’s game is any indication of how well Charlie Whitehurst has played doesn’t give you a hint, then you shouldn’t be watching football because you don’t know squat!

Watch Whitehurst and the rest is easy to figure out, my question is this? What the hell did or does Pete Carroll see in this long haired hippie jesus looking QB? I mean this guy is absolutely clueless out on the field, don’t give me no bull that it’s reaseason either, he absolutely looks lost, actually he looks like a third string quarterback! Oh yeah that’s right he was untill Seattle picked him up last year for an ungodly amount and a 3rd round pick to boot! When will the front office brass see this turkey cannot play of NFL ball, they need to dump themselves of Whitehurst while they can, if they wait any longer what little value he has now will be lost.

So i encourage all Seahawks fans to protest this man whom we call our backup QB?


    • And i could be wrong, but after 5 years in the NFL the only time he has shined in my eyes has been the preseason when he is playing against rookies!

      • I think Charlie is nothing spectacular but he won't lose the game for us either. He did get us back in the game. I thought he showed poise in the pocket.

      • Did you sleep through the ST Louis game that put us in the playoffs. TJ showed me little with all the hype of him already knowing the offence and charlie needing to learn it. I think he need a chance to play his game before you judge.

  1. I am no Clipboard Jesus fan either, but CK looked a hell of a lot more poised then Tavrous? Hell even the 3rd Stringer looked better

  2. Also he was Phillip River's 3rd string. No need for 2nd or 3rd qbs on the Chargers. Look how long it took Aaron Rodger's to shine being under Farve all those years. People are too quick to judge and dismiss a qb. I see Charlie beating Travaris out of the starting job by week 5.

  3. I think your trippin.. charlie looked better last night than our starter TJ. I dont think i could have seen a better performance out of charlie whitehurst than i did last night. He needs time to develop but he has the potential to be a great QB. He looked confident and composed last night and threw some great long distance passes and moved the ball up the field quickly

    • this is the kind of thinking that losing teams have, this terd looked way better then that terd, Neither of these 2 QB’s would be competing on any other nfl team for a starting QB job.

  4. Please dont defend T-jak or Whitehurst. Neither of these guys would be a starter on any team in the NFL, or college team for that matter.

    Having these 2 compete for the starting QB job, is like trying to teach a dog to drive, it just doesnt make much sense. The front office has to quit trying to find starting QB’s off other teams benches. Draft a talented young rookie franchise QB, and stop wasting the fans time. How Long has it been since Seattle really went after a top named rookie QB? I really dont remember them ever doing so. Could you imagine a Sam Bradford behind this line this year?

    ” I think Charlie is nothing spectacular but he won’t lose the game for us either. He did get us back in the game. I thought he showed poise in the pocket.”

    this is the kind of thinking that losing teams have. If he is not the answer find someone who is period end of story.

    • Sure we can just lose every game this year and get the first pick next year…. Yeah that sounds awesome. That's what you're implying by saying we should get a "Sam Bradford" type quarterback in the draft. The Seahawks had more urgent matters this year that had to be addressed before a new QB would stand a chance. TJ is mediocre but Charlie has a great arm and needs the fluidness of practicing with the first team for more than a week to truly show what he's capable of. He played great when the season was on the line and has played with and learned from some Pro bowl QB's – Hasselbeck & Rivers. He deserves a shot and don't be surprised if TJ falls flat and Charlie takes over by week 5. Maybe even sooner.

  5. You're entitled to your opinion but to suggest that the fans and coaches that think Charlie has promise are all wrong and need converting to your brand of lemon juice tastes sour. Charlie has not yet had a chance to play in any kind of series of games and hardly any quarterback will shine when they only get to play pieces of games and occasional games.