Pete Carroll, Trade Charlie Whitehurst While You Can!

Okay i know all you naysayers will come on here and cry wolf, but hear me out. If tonight’s game is any indication of how well Charlie Whitehurst has played doesn’t give you a hint, then you shouldn’t be watching football because you don’t know squat!

Watch Whitehurst and the rest is easy to figure out, my question is this? What the hell did or does Pete Carroll see in this long haired hippie jesus looking QB? I mean this guy is absolutely clueless out on the field, don’t give me no bull that it’s reaseason either, he absolutely looks lost, actually he looks like a third string quarterback! Oh yeah that’s right he was untill Seattle picked him up last year for an ungodly amount and a 3rd round pick to boot! When will the front office brass see this turkey cannot play of NFL ball, they need to dump themselves of Whitehurst while they can, if they wait any longer what little value he has now will be lost.

So i encourage all Seahawks fans to protest this man whom we call our backup QB?