QB Carson Palmer could still be an option for Seahawks

Three weeks into the preseason, one of the NFL’s biggest offseason storylines has gone silent.

Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com thinks there’s a reason we haven’t heard anything from Carson Palmer regarding his stalemate with the Bengals and owner Mike Brown.

Carson Palmer

Palmer threatened to retire during the offseason if his trade demands weren’t granted. He wasn’t traded, and he still hasn’t retired. Florio finds that a little curious given how simple the retirement process is.

“I think he specifically hasn’t retired because he wants to retain the ability to show up out of the blue next week,” Florio told “Brock & Salk” on Monday. “And if he shows up out of the blue next week — Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday — the Bengals have to decide pretty quickly to keep him and pay him what will become, as of Week 1, a guaranteed salary of $11.5 million, or get rid of him.

“And then the question becomes: How hard-headed is Mike Brown? Is he so willing to prove a point with Carson Palmer that he would pay him $11.5 million guaranteed even though Carson Palmer isn’t really ready to come in and play? Or would Mike Brown say, ‘See you later?'”

Florio thinks the latter scenario would open the door for Palmer to join the Seahawks, whose top two options at quarterback are Tarvaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst.

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