Saturday’s loss a learning experience for guard John Moffitt

Some lessons are learned the hard way, and for rookie right guard John Moffitt, those lesson were learned in Saturday night’s 20-7 preseason loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

“There’s a little more work to do,” said Moffitt in the locker room after the game.

The Seahawks’ revamped offensive line – minus starting left tackle Russell Okung – was put to the test on Saturday night, and allowed the first team offense an unimpressive 139 yards in 39 plays to wrap the first half of the game.

“I think in particular the offsides on that drive when we had a lot of momentum going, that kind of kills drives,” said Moffitt. “And I think that was kind of the theme of the night.

“We just can’t shoot ourselves in the foot.”

With penalty prevention also a major focus in practice, and players running laps for each penalty earned, Moffitt said that Pete Carroll put it best when he said: “We’re beating ourselves.”

Moffitt was charged with one false start Saturday night, his first penalty of the preseason.

But despite the relative youth and inexperience on the line, expectations remain high for the group from a rebuilding standpoint, and with just three weeks of camp and only two preseason games in the books, there remains plenty of time to pick up the pieces and move on to the next lesson.

“This is my first year, but I assume this is why you play preseason games and this is why you practice,” said Moffitt. “I think we got things ironed out from last week to this week, I think there was a bit more of a glare just with certain penalties and certain things that kind of stopped the drive, then on top of the fact that it was a loss.”

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