Is It Time To Call Seahawks Aaron Curry A Bust?

We have heard it for going on three years now, Aaron Curry will come through and show us all just how good he is? Well I’m still scratching my head asking myself when is this going to happen!

Three years this year in the league and still no Aaron the beast Curry. They told us he was the most NFL ready player in the 2009 Draft and he could make an immediate impact on any team who drafted him. He got the highest marks from scouts and others alike, shoot he even got high marks from us here, and we said if he was available “let’s draft him”.

Well we all look like asses now for sure. They said he had an off year because when Lofa Tatupu went down with an injury he lost his leader and leadership,  Lofa was suppose to teach him.

Well what the hell happened last year to Curry. Is he really going to be a bust or not? This is the year where Aaron Curry needs to make a statement to all those naysayers (Us Included) who say he is a bust and doesn’t have what it takes to make it in the NFL.

I want to believe he is going to have a breakout year this year but am i kidding myself? Are we all kidding ourselves when we think he is going to come alive all of a sudden?

Pete Carroll, if your listening to us over here at the 12th Man Army, if Curry doesn’t compete please let him go to a team in need for a possible second rounder, third rounder, fourth rounder draft choice in next years draft!

Or Aaron if your listening, please show us what we saw in you, show us on the field while you were in College, show us the BEAST everyone said you were, show us why in the hell we picked you fourth overall in the first round in the 2009 DRAFT!!!


  1. Can't call him a bust right NOW before the first preseason games even been played, but around the 6th game of the season is when you can really assess him, after you've given him a little time…

    • We've given him 2 straight seasons after gifting him an undeserved starting job. We can assess he is a terrible bust because he freaking plays linebacker, not quarterback.

  2. How about a trade of Curry for Buffalo's AAron Maybin, a similar bust. Perhaps new surroundings would benefit everyone.

  3. It doesn't seem fair to call him a bust when he started as a rookie, put up fair numbers (hardly stellar, but hardly poor), and has had 2 head coaches in the same number of years, and had to re-learn defensive schemes. And of course, he has the disadvantage of a shortened pre-season to adjust this year. Now he's lost his "leader" in Lofa, so he'll either buckle or shine. As Smokes suggests, maybe we wait until Game 6. He has the tools to be a beast.

  4. Curry is going to be a force this year. ( I Hope) .. barring injury by the fifthor sixth game we should know , but don't let him put to uch pressure on himself and make mistakes costing us big plays

    • Why shouldn't he put pressure on himself? He was THE HIGHEST DRAFTED LINEBACKER IN MANY YEARS! We could have had Brian Cushing, Clay Matthews, or Brian Orakpo over this bust!!!

  5. Aaron Curry is better suited to be an inside linebacker. I know he is real fast but he is a beast and can fill the middle with a Urlacher type force.

    • What kind of bumbling idiot drafts an inside linebacker in the top 5? Thanks for this useless overpaid bust, Tim Ruskell.

      • Would you have drafted Ray Lewis or Patrick Willis in the top 5 of a draft? Both of them are inside LBs… I completely understand eveyone's frustration with Curry, but there are absolute sure fire hall of famers that are projected in every draft that either competely flame out or just turn out to be average. Aaron Maybin is a great example because I feel that he is a trus bust. He has a tweaners frame and isn't big enogh to play on the line but doesn't have the intincts to play in space. Now I'm not saying that Aaron Curry wont ulitimately be a bust but he could excell as a 3/4 inside LB, in the right type of zone blitzing scheme. Look at AJ Hawk… He's not the stud that everyone thought that hewould be but he's doing just fine in GB. JMO

  6. It's about time to hear some heart from seahawks fans. Sure, give curry a half season this year to prove himself… he might. but we have had enough of high pick mediocrity. this is not kindigarten. Produce or go somewhere else. I want to see a championshop in Seattle. that does not happen without champions on the field.

  7. He was supposed to be the "most NFL ready LB in the draft"? Well many a LB have entered the league since that have passed him up in all angles…very dissapointing. nobody takes LBs in the top 5 . Just take a look at the probowlers we passed up for him. I wonder if hes figured out the Fans are getting restless with him.

  8. What can you expect? The guy went to E.E. Smith High School, not exactly a breeding ground for championship caliber football.