Who the HELL is Thomas Clayton For The Seahawks

An unknown back for the Seahawks has really impressed myself and everyone at this drinking hole here in Renton Washington. He has made some great plays, great moves and excellent runs. Damn i have been to 5 practices already this year and i never even knew he played for the Seahawks! I thought he was still in New England.

Let’s say i am thoroughly impressed with the Seahawks running game in the second half, also Josh Portis really does look like a Randall Cunningham of yesteryear! Very poised in the pocket and he can run and pass, damn since when did Seattle have all those traits in a QB, oh yeah that’s right we traded Hasselbeck. but then Hasselbeck could never run if his life counted on it!

Okay so we know he came from the Patriots, was it a fluke that he looked so good playing against second, third and fourth string players? Only time will tell but the fact is the Seahawks are not well known for finding diamonds in the rough!


  1. Did you see Thomas Clayton first half carries. I think he had negative yards. He's been on seven teams in five years. He looks good against rookies when he has better rookies behind him. You do not need to remember Thomas Clayton.

  2. I agree trade charlie for future rd pick or added depth up front, Okung can't make it through a game or practice without getting hurt. He is more of a bust than curry.

    • Well we better find a nother guy to play L.T. okung is done bad ankles,will never play more then a few games here and there. Here we go again!! at least it only one guy instead of all the o line.

  3. do not write whitehorse off yet I think he can sill fight for the #1 QB, and he would be a very good backup for tavaris if he goes down…Remembethis is the first real game practice we've had ….stop jumping the gun..

  4. Major off-field issues and not good with authority figures from what I hear. Generally a pain in the rear who does not like being told what to do. Not a guy I'd have working for me.

  5. Why would anyone be talking about trading Whitehurst? He was the better QB against the Chargers–and he was playing against first and second team rather than third. I wonder, if Whitehurst had an opportunity to play 20 games would he look a heck of a lot better. He's played so few games that he hasn't had any chance to get warmed up and into a rhythm. Charlie is a pretty good backup quarterback for now. Should we be looking at other quarterbacks? Of course if we can find good prospects, but I wouldn't get rid of CW until we truly find someone better.