OC Bevell says expect more no huddle

Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said he liked what he saw from his offense during the second half of last week’s game against Arizona, particularly when the Seattle went no-huddle for most of the first drive of the second half, the only drive where the Seahawks scored a touchdown.

“I think there’s a chance to see more of it,” Bevell said. “But it’s something we’ll determine by game plan, by game, by the opponent and seeing if it’s something that will help us.

“Then there’s also times that you may just jump into it because you’re not doing much, and you want to change the tempo. There’s a lot of different scenarios when you go to it.”

And what are the advantages?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell talks with Seattle head coach Pete Carroll during practice on Wednesday.

“For one, I think it simplifies things for you guys,” Bevell said. “I think they understand the small package that we have. They can play fast. They can get uptempo. But it can go the other way on you, too. You can run three plays in 40 seconds, and now you put your defense back out there. So you need to be successful with it as well.”

Bevell also talked about spreading the ball around more, with Sidney Rice catching eight of Tarvaris Jackson’s 18 completions last week

“There was an effort at the beginning of the game to get Sidney some touches, just to get him involved,” he said. “You feel like he’s a big-play guy and has that chance. So early there was that, and then I think the familiarity with those two, there was a couple times there when he just started to go to him.

“And it’s a work in progress with everyone else, it really is. He’s (Tarvaris Jackson) been around Sidney for a long time, so Sidney benefits a little bit. But he’s been with the rest of the guys since he’s been here, so they’re still building relationships and learning some things. But there’s opportunities to go other places as well.”

Bevell said he’s seen progress in Seattle’s offense.

“From zero t 13, I saw that,” joked Bevell, referring to the fact that Seattle had a goose egg against Pittsburgh, but scored 13 against Arizona a week later. “That jumps right out at me. But I do. Each and every week I see improvements. I see things we’re doing better. We ran the ball better in that game. We threw and caught it better. We protected. I think there were for sacks early, and then in the second half we didn’t have any. So each time we go out there, we’re improving and getting better.”

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