Bradley: Defense has tackling plan for Turner

Defensive coordinator Gus Bradley praised cornerback Walter Thurmond and linebacker Aaron Curry for their efforts during practice today.

Curry had a couple interceptions working with the scout team defense, and Thurmond made several plays this afternoon, including two interceptions and a couple pass breakups while working with the first unit.

“We’re trying to get them to act like vets off the field and play like rookies, where they’re flying around and having fun,” Bradley said. “They’re just having a lot of fun. There’s a lot of guys … Aaron Curry, he had a couple interceptions today and he was flying around. So it’s good. We keeping talking to them every day about having some good juice, good energy out there, and it showed up today.”

Bradley said that even though Atlanta has scored only one touchdown on the road this year, talent-wise they are still a good offense that can move the ball and execute.

“We know what they’re all about,” he said. “They’re about good, fundamental football. Playing mistake-free. No turnovers. Limiting penalties. Just playing really good football, and that’s what was impressive to us as a team last year when we played against them. And we know they’ll get back to that.”

Bradley said his defensive unit had a tackling plan session on Wednesday to handle Atlanta’s bowling ball of a runner Michael Turner.

Turner has 234 yards a touchdown this season, with a long of 61 yards. He’s averaging 5.6 yards per carry. Turner ran for 82 yards against Seattle last year.

“This guy’s big, he’s strong,” Bradley said. “He’ll get to the outside. He’s broken a couple long runs already this year, and so we’ve addressed that with our guys. He’s a downhill runner, but they’re a big zone blocking team and try to create leverage issues. So it’s not downhill Iso so much, it’s more of a zone scheme where they’re trying to get you confused on some things and create seams that way.”

via Bradley: Defense has tackling plan for Turner | Seahawks Insider.