From the sidelines: Seahawks at Browns

The margin in a three-point loss at Cleveland feels both narrow and wide as the Seahawks fall to 2-4.

Even the narrowest of gaps can feel like a canyon of a chasm. In a brutally odd game at Cleveland on Sunday, the Seahawks lost by a mere three points — a deficit that felt both so thin and yet so wide. Thin because a touchdown at any point would’ve won it, and wide because the merciless “L” column doesn’t care how close you got. “Sometimes the margin is so slight that plays get magnified, calls get magnified, errors get magnified,” Coach Pete Carroll said in the quiet locker room after the 6-3 defeat to the Browns. “This was one of those days.” The dichotomy between slight and magnified appeared to be the theme all day. Throughout the game, the Seahawks kept closing in on winning moments in all three phases, yet seemingly faded away each time. A heroic performance by the defense was offset by an unnecessary roughness penalty in the first quarter, leading to a Browns field goal attempt, and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in the fourth quarter, paving the way for Cleveland to run the clock out. The offense showed signs of life — at least enough to get into the end zone and score enough points to ca

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