Have the Seahawks turned a corner? Pete Carroll thinks so

The Seahawks are no longer a rebuilding team in their coach’s mind.

They are rebuilt.

The question is no longer how much to change this roster as much as it as how much longer it will take for this group to ripen into a contender.

“We need to play with the guys we have,” coach Pete Carroll said. “Feed off the guys that we have, and we can win football games. How many? I don’t have any idea. How far that takes us? I don’t know. But I know that we have that in us.”

Carroll’s reaction to Sunday’s victory was interesting. He didn’t see Sunday’s victory as a breakthrough so much as he believed it was a continuation of the improvement he has seen over the first five games.

“I really think that for the last three weeks – save two quarters – we’ve played pretty good football,” Carroll said. “You go back to the Cardinal game, and I told these guys that last night, that we played well in the Cardinal game. It wasn’t a great win, a close win, but a very good football game.

“We kicked it around for the first half last week, and then we got going and played like crazy, and played championship football in the second half and then came out here today to do it again. That’s the way I’m talking at these guys because I think they deserve that. I think they’re playing like that.”

So how do the players inside the locker room see Sunday’s game?

“We’ve been growing week to week,” safety Earl Thomas said. “We started last week. We just ran out of time, and this week, we played another close game, and we got the W.”

Seattle made nearly 300 roster moves a year ago. This year is different, Carroll said.

“Last year was last year in terms of all that stuff, all the switcho-change-o stuff,” Carroll said. “We were scrambling to find stuff. We’re not like that anymore. We’re going to believe in those guys because they deserve it and we’ve chosen them, and we’re hoping they’re going to come through and make plays and give us a lot more thrills like today.”

via Seahawks Blog | Have the Seahawks turned a corner? Pete Carroll thinks so | Seattle Times Newspaper.