“BREAKING NEWS” James Carpenter has torn ACL, out for the Season!

Seattle Seahawks offensive tackle James Carpenter’s MRI evaluation revealed he has a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his left knee and is done for year.

So in a time span of four days the Seahawks have lost the future right side of the offensive line, with rookie right guard being placed on the injured reserve list earlier this week because of an MCL and PCL tear in his right knee. T

Making matters worse is that fact that because of how late in the season both players suffered the knee injuries, Carpenter and Moffitt will be hard pressed to be fully healthy by the beginning of training camp, pushing the time table back on Seattle’s continued development of a young offensive line.

No word yet on when Carpenter or Moffitt will have surgeries, or the Seahawks adding a player to replace Carpenter on the active roster.

via Carpenter has torn ACL | Seahawks Insider.