Film study pays off for Chris Clemons

Chris Clemons saw early that Rams quarterback Sam Bradford was holding the ball dangerously low.

Earlier last week, that is.

“On film,” the Seahawks defensive end said. “He holds the ball, especially when he gets out of the pocket. If he doesn’t see the guy behind him, he keeps it down at his side. The biggest thing every week is just getting the ball.”

Clemons did just that on Sunday. He had three sacks — the most by any Seahawk since Patrick Kerney’s hat trick against Arizona on Dec. 9, 2007 — and forced two fumbles in the second half.

The first fumble set up Marshawn Lynch’s third-quarter touchdown run, and the second one allowed Seattle to run out most of the clock in the fourth quarter.

“Clem had a great football game today for us,” coach Pete Carroll said. “He brought great heat.”

Code Red

Red Bryant is a defensive end, but he does have some experience with catching the ball. He played tight end in high school.

“Shhhhh,” he said. “That’s my secret.”

Well, word is bound to get out after he picked off a pass Sunday. After the game, running back Justin Forsett was asked for his perspective on the big man’s ball skills.

“He did a good job of looking the ball in,” Forsett said. “I like his run after the catch. Nice little stiff arm. Put a shoulder into it and used his legs. It was textbook. We’ve got to work on him to keep moving his legs after contact.”

Browner sees familiar foe

Sunday wasn’t the first time cornerback Brandon Browner faced wide receiver Brandon Lloyd. Lloyd began this season in Denver, which played Seattle back in an exhibition game in August.

“I had a game plan how I wanted to get after him,” Browner said.

The plan wasn’t very subtle.

“Put hands on him,” Browner said. “That’s my deal. Put my hands on him.”

Lloyd had five catches, but was targeted 14 times. He finished with 67 yards and scored St. Louis’ only touchdown, but he was covered by Richard Sherman on that play. Browner was credited with two pass deflections.

Hit parade

Safety Kam Chancellor was penalized 15 yards for his hit on Rams tight end Lance Hendricks in the fourth quarter, officials ruling he went for the head of a defenseless receiver.

Carroll called the officiating of those types of hits a distraction to the way the game is being played.

“The guys are yelling, ‘Tell the quarterback to quit throwing it there,’ “Carroll said. “They’re looking at that, ‘Why are you hanging your guys out like that?’ What are these guys supposed to do?”

The hit prevented a completion, but it’s the second consecutive week Chancellor has been flagged for a hit to a receiver’s head. He was fined $20,000 by the league for his hit on Baltimore’s Anquan Boldin last week.

“He knew what happened last week,” Carroll said. “He got fined a lot of money for that hit last week. He was trying to do it right, and he’s trying to be a great competitor, too. I don’t know.”

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