Is Jackson the long-term answer at QB?

That’s the question I posed to Seattle head coach Pete Carroll this week. And of course, Carroll had his quarterback’s back, saying he believed that Jackson could be the quarterback that could lead Seattle long term.

“I’m looking at it that way, yeah,” Carroll said. “I think I’m probably more appreciative than (reporters) at this time because we haven’t won enough games to make you excited about it. But I’m seeing the things that he’s able to do that gives us a chance to run an offense like we like to run it and he’s added to what we thought we could do by growing with him and learning about it.

“We’ve got a lot of games now. Hopefully we can keep him going and keep him healthy until we really get a great gauge on him, but he’s got a lot of games to prove it and show his value. I don’t see any reason not to think that he can’t make a lot of stuff happen over a long period of time.”

What else is Carroll supposed to say, right? He has to publicly support his quarterback. That said, if Jackson continues to perform well, I do believe he will be part of the conversation moving forward.

But as Seattle general manager John Schneider was groomed to do in Green Bay, and as Carroll did when he was at USC, the Seahawks will continue to make the quarterback room as competitive as possible, which means there’s a strong possibility the Seahawks take a quarterback early in next year’s draft.

via Morning links: Is Jackson the long-term answer at QB? | Seahawks Insider.


  1. We…. do NOT think he is a short term answer (14…loyal hawk fans 1st year we're not watching "the entire game" on a regular basis, or less) SIGH, T. Jackson, & Bevell is just not….. doing it for the Seahawks, Fans aren't happy, tickets at centuryLink droped and we believe, at this midway point it would be a great time to get new QB, offencive coordinator NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!