Red Bryant’s first interception

Most of the talk in the locker room centered on Red Bryant’s interception at the end of the game. Brandon Mebane set up the play with a tipped ball at the line of scrimmage.

And Bryant, who occasionally drops back in coverage and was a tight end in high school, corralled the ball and rumbled about 5 yards before he was tackled by St. Louis receiver Austin Pettis.

“I played tight end in high school, but that’s my secret so don’t tell nobody,” joked Bryant. “I just made a good, solid drop on one of our drop calls. I was on the left side, so I had to drop inside to No. 3 (the No. 3 receiver), and Bane (Mebane) did a great job of tipping it, and I was lucky enough to be in the right spot.

Bryant did get a nice stiff arm on Pettis to knock him back before he tackled him.

“I got tunnel vision,” Bryant said. “I was trying to get into the end zone, and I was just trying to get him off of me. Unfortunately I didn’t get us in there, but the offense got us in there.”

“I was like, ‘he really got a pick,” said Bryant’s good friend Brandon Mebane. “I tried to go out there and block the dude in front of him, but he was trying to grab him. And I ended up kind of knocking him down a little bit. But the good thing is he still held onto the ball and we were still in good field position to score.”

Yep, more penalties: The Seahawks finished with 13 penalties for 100 yards. If that sounds familiar, that’s because Seattle had 13 penalties for 100 yards last week. It’s the sixth game Seattle has finished in double digit in penalties.

Paul McQuistan was Seattle’s main offender, with two false starts and a hold.

The penalties are almost laughable, but at some point they will start costing them wins.

“We had a bunch of penalties again today, and we were trying like crazy not to do that,” Carroll said. “You don’t even want to know all of the emphasis we’re throwing on it. But it didn’t work out today.”

So will Carroll have to create a detention room for repeat offenders?

“We’re way beyond that,” joked Carroll. “We’re getting into some dangerous territory with tortures and all kind of things. Water treatments, or whatever you call it.”

Perhaps the most frustrating penalty for Carroll was the personal foul call on Kam Chancellor for hitting a defenseless receiver in the head when he smacked St. Louis tight end Lance Kendricks coming across the middle.

Chancellor was fined $20,000 last week for hitting Baltimore receiver Anquan Boldin in a similar situation, which left Chancellor with a concussion.

“I thought Kam tried to get his head out of that hit,” Carroll said. “He knew what happened last week. He got fined a lot of money for that hit last week, and he was trying to do it right and trying to be a great competitor, too. I don’t know.

“It’s a distraction to the game right now and the way you play the game,” Carroll went on. “I don’t know where this goes. We’ll just have to sit back and talk about it during the offseason, and hopefully they’ll make some decisions on how we can make some sense of this to the players. They almost have to take their helmets off. You almost have to play with no helmets, or at least I think John Madden said get the facemasks off, and maybe it will be a different game.”

Seattle had no injuries of note. Sidney Rice had some minor cramping but is okay.

via Carroll: “They did not waiver” | Seahawks Insider.