More impressive plays from Golden Tate & Richard Sherman


Offense: Different day, and route, for Golden Tate. But the result was familiar as the fourth-year wide receiver made a falling grab of a Russell Wilson pass in the end zone against not only tight but physical coverage from 6-foot-4 cornerback Brandon Browner.

Tate made a similar catch against Browner along the sideline on Thursday. But this one was even better, because of where he made it – and how he made it, with Browner trying to rip the ball from his grasp.

“Just a great throw by Russ. He gave me a chance and I just do what I do,” Tate said. “I just tried to make a play. I think any ball in there I have a chance. If I can get to it, I have a chance to make a play. I think that’s one thing that this organization relies on me for, to make big plays, make the plays I’m supposed to make and make the plays that are 50-50.”

The fact that Tate’s two biggest plays in camp have come against a big corner who plays tenacious coverage makes it all the better.

“The one thing, our DBs and also us, we really appreciate that,” Tate said. “I feel like if I can compete with these guys every day, once Week 1 comes I don’t feel like the players we’ll face will be as good as our DBs. Our whole secondary is Pro Bowl players, so I feel like I’m going against the best every single day.

“I feel that has helped me get better. I think that’s helping us as a group.”

Defense: Richard Sherman was a wide receiver at Stanford before moving to cornerback for his senior season. Today, the Seahawks’ All-Pro corner played a pass from Wilson as if he was the intended receiver to make an interception.

“I had to kind of bait him,” Sherman said. “Russell is a great quarterback. He makes his reads quick. So sometimes you’ve got to make him see what he doesn’t see.”

As good as the anticipation was on the pick, what followed was even better.

First, Sherman lateraled the ball to All-Pro free safety Earl Thomas. “Get the ball to Earl and he’s going to make magic happen,” Sherman said. “So that’s what I was trying to do.”

Later, Sherman and Wilson had a conversion to dissect just what had happened on the play. “Russ is a technician. He hates making mistakes. He hates things like that,” Sherman said. “So he wants to know what we see, what we saw on the play. He’s a great player, we’re great players. So it was just great minds just working to try and make our team better.”

Special teams: The in-practice segment for these units involves kicking field goals, and today incumbent kicker Steven Hauschka nailed one from 56 yards while Carson Wiggs hit from 58 yards.

via Saturday in Hawkville: More impressive plays from Golden Tate & Richard Sherman.