Seahawks defenders were not a happy bunch


It was a locker room divided after the Seahawks’ impressive victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars at CenturyLink Field on Sunday afternoon.

No, it wasn’t that divisive kind of division that can create cracks even in a team that’s as “I’m In” as the Seahawks. It’s just that at one end of the locker room the offensive players were basking in the glow of just having scored six touchdowns – two more than in their first two games – and rolling up a season-high 479 yards in a 45-17 victory, while at the other the defensive players were miffed that they had allowed the winless Jaguars to score that many points while generating 265 yards.

Let that sink in for a while. Allowing 17 points and 265 yards will win you a lot of games. But for a Seahawks defense that remains the No. 1-ranked unit in the NFL in average yards allowed (241.7) and still has yielded the fewest points in the league (27), giving up 17 points and 265 yards to the Jaguars was simply too much – times two.

“We’re disappointed,” All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman said. “We didn’t expect to give up that many yards, that many points. But I’m proud of the offense. They scored a lot of points. That’s what we needed. They needed that for confidence.

“So it feels good to get the win, but obviously we wanted to play better.”

Strong safety Kam Chancellor had a late interception, giving him two in the past two games. But while the pick was nice, he also had some nits to pick.

“We were kind of messing up on a lot of plays and people weren’t fitting up right,” Chancellor said. “I don’t know what was going on really. We did put a lot of younger guys in.”

That the coaches did, as the backups played the fourth quarter, when the Jaguars got 107 of their yards and also scored a touchdown.

“That still can’t be an excuse,” Chancellor said. “We want our backups to be ready and prepared, as if they were starters. I still don’t feel that happy right now. … I still think it’s too many yards, and we hold ourselves to a higher standard. You can ask anybody that and they’ll say the same thing, that’s too many yards.”

After the way these guys have played to open the 2013 season and close the 2012 season, they just might be right to think what happened on Sunday was so wrong.

In their season opener, the Carolina Panthers had seven points and 253 yards. In their home opener, the San Francisco 49sd had three points and 207 yards. In the last five regular-season games in 2012, the defense surrendered 17 points and 358 yards to the Chicago Bears; 0 points and 154 yards to the Arizona Cardinals; 17 points and 333 yards to Buffalo Bills; 13 points and 313 yards to the 49ers; and 13 points and 331 yards to the St. Louis Rams.

Just as we all expected, the Seahawks had a good defense that has only gotten better – one that won’t settle for anything less than its best on any given Sunday against any given opponent.

With that said, here’s a look at three things that worked against the Jaguars and three things that need work as the Seahawks prepare for this week’s game against the Texans in Houston:

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