This is the new normal

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Another had-it-all-the-way special for the Seahawks.

Let’s start with three takeaways from Sunday, then the links.

1. Run defense is a problem. The Seahawks had dipped to the middle of the pack in the NFL in rushing yards allowed coming into Sunday. After another opponent ran for more than 200 yards, Seattle dipped to 19th in the league in rushing yards allowed.

After having fit and identification problems Monday against the Rams, the Seahawks had tackling problems Sunday against the Bucs. I’ll give Mike James, who was running hard, some credit in addition to detracting from the Seahawks. Still, it needs to be fixed. Monday night Red Bryant admitted the Rams kicked their butt in the run game. Sunday, he didn’t want to talk about it much, which is rare for the affable big man.

“Right now, we’re in a little bit of a funk in the running game,” Pete Carroll said. “We’re not tackling very well. We’re trying to take the ball away so much that we’re not tackling very well. Until we fix that, we’re going to continue to struggle. It’s real obvious to me, what the difference is. We’re kind of going for too much, and trying a little bit too hard, and I think we can fix that. We’ll see if we can get it done. I didn’t notice it as much last week, but I think that’s really what’s going on. There’s a lot of yards after first contact by the running backs, so we need to do much better there.”

2. Despite getting pulverized (again), Russell Wilson manned up Sunday (again). It’s easy to point out sack totals and other offensive issues, but what we don’t have a tally on are all of the aches and pains Wilson must have at this point. He took a beating Sunday after taking a seven-sack thumping Monday.

“I feel good,” Wilson said. “I got hit a few times, obviously.  I got hit pretty good a couple times here and there. You just get back up and keep playing. That’s the thing. I try to be as tough as I can be, just to help our football team win.  We made some plays today, which was awesome.”

3. It’s hard to foresee the Seahawks continuing to get away with this. Seattle was minus-3 in turnovers Sunday and needed a franchise record rally to beat a winless team. They haven’t played a clean game since the Week 3 blowout of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Do these rallies prove the Seahawks are resilient, as they keep claiming? Of course. Do they show some warts? Absolutely. As Richard Sherman said afterward, “A win is a win, is a win, is a win.” Since Week 3, the Seahawks have played one team with an above .500 record, the Colts, and lost. The other five teams are a combined 13-28.

via Morning links: This is the new normal | Seahawks Insider – The News Tribune.