A 12th win for the 12th Man


The 12th Man phenomenon went coast to coast on Sunday. Literally, as the Seahawks were cheered on by their fans during their shutout victory over the Giants and also when they returned to SeaTac and VMAC.

The Seahawks are being stalked this season.

But it’s OK, because the stalkers have a definite stake in what’s going on – which just could turn out to be the most successful season in the franchise’s 38-year history.

Everywhere the players turn, there’s the presence of 12. The power of the 12th Man has been most obvious at CenturyLink Field, where the Seahawks are 14-0 dating back to last season and can cap the winningest season in franchise history by taking care of business against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday and the St. Louis Rams on Dec. 29 to finish 14-2.

But this team of road warriors that just put the finishing touch on the best road season in club history (6-2) with Sunday’s shutout of the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium also has been serenaded by the sounds of 12s in Carolina, Houston, Indianapolis, Arizona, St. Louis, Atlanta, San Francisco and the Meadowlands.

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