Offseason Focus: How To Spend Your Sundays


Well, we’ve all had some time to come back down to earth following the Seahawks’ absolute thrashing of the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII. Now, the offseason blues are starting to set in. Seahawks fans will continue to bask in the glow of the victory for weeks (and months) to come, but that doesn’t change the fact that there’s a void on Sundays that will be present for way too long. So here are a few different suggestions for how Seahawks fans can spend their Sundays in the absence of NFL football.

Analyze The NFL Draft

For a lot of hardcore fans, attention turns immediately toward the next season the moment the Super Bowl ends. And that means looking ahead to the NFL Draft, which will take place beginning on May 8. So, if you normally set time aside on Sundays to watch football, why not designate that time to read about and analyze potential draft picks? As of now, ESPN is featuring two separate mock draft series. In Todd McShay’s latest projections, the Seahawks are tabbed to select TE Jace Amaro out of Texas Tech, whereas Mel Kiper has Seattle drafting Penn State WR Allen Robinson.

Play Some Madden

There’s no better way to simulate NFL action on offseason Sundays than to simply play some Madden. In particular, Madden 25 on Xbox 360 and PS3 offers the most advanced and complete football experience you can find. The great news is that you can stick with a team for multiple seasons, which means you can theoretically play into the 2014-15 season as a sort of self-controlled preview of the season to come. Another fun idea: keep replaying Seahawks vs. Broncos until you manage the same 43-8 score we saw in real life!

Get Your Gaming Fix

There are other avenues of gaming that could help you to pass the Sundays as well, particularly if you ordinarily like to wager on Seahawks or other NFL games. The web-based Betfair Casino can help satisfy your gaming fix with a variety of online gaming options. Poker is available, but even games like slot machines and roulette can give you the thrill you’re missing on Sunday. They also allow you to enjoy the risk that comes from a bit of gambling. For that matter, this particular site also includes a sports betting section that can give you the chance to wager on other sports during the NFL offseason.

Set Up Your Fantasy Team

In most league formats, whether you’re in a standard Yahoo Fantasy league or operating on a smaller site, there’s only so much you can do in the offseason regarding fantasy football. But creative players find a way to fill their offseason Sundays. In a Keeper League format, you can spend the offseason making deals and trades with your opponents, setting up the best possible keeper scenario. And in an ordinary league, you and your friends can put together an elaborate, offseason-long competition to determine pick order. Be creative, and you can set your fantasy league up to last year round.

Watch It All Again

Finally, for the fan who simply can’t get enough Seahawks football, you can replay the season, week by week. Sure, you already know what happens, but we can all agree that this past season was one well worth re-watching!
Ultimately, it’s a bummer waiting out the offseason. But by taking advantage of these ideas you can occupy your weekends in the best way(s) possible until the NFL rolls around again!