How much better can Wilson be?


The question in the headline is open-ended, but Pete Carroll told Peter King of MMQB that Wilson can be much better and thinks Wilson can complete 70 percent of his passes:

“He needs all the attention that everyone else needs, and he’s gonna get it,” Carroll said. “Russell’s just a young guy figuring it out. Of course, he applies himself so well that you think that he’s okay. I think that would be a tragic mistake. He’s just developing. He’s just coming on. He needs work fundamentally. He needs work on the principles of what we’re doing. He needs repetitions with the guys he plays with. All of that will just continue to add to his play. So we’re not going to treat him any differently than anybody else. We’re gonna battle like crazy to make him push his game as far as he can take it. So that’s what this offseason is about. He’ll be available as much as a guy can be available. He’s already traveling with our guys. Throwing with our guys. Working out with guys all over the country. He’s ringing the bell now. Wherever he goes, they know he’s coming. He’s gonna get them out and get them on a field somewhere, and throw the ball around, and do something with the fellas.’’

Wilson completed 64.1 percent of his passes his rookie season. That dropped to 63.1 percent last season.

If Wilson completed 70 percent of his passes — as Carroll suggested he can — he would have led the league in completion percentage last year.

2013-14 completion percentage leaders:

1. Phillip Rivers 69.5

2. Drew Brees 68.6

3. Peyton Manning 68.3

4. Matt Ryan 67.4

5. Aaron Rodgers 66.6

Wilson tied Chicago’s Jay Cutler for 12th.

In regard to last year, there were several mitigating factors for Wilson: injuries to the offensive line caused that group to struggle for a stretch of the season, and injuries to wide receivers Percy Harvin and Sidney Rice rearranged the receiving corps the Seahawks expected to have.

Regardless, 70 percent is a hefty number. Joe Montana hit it once (70.2 percent, 1989) in 15 seasons. Dan Marino never hit it. Peyton Manning has never hit it. Drew Brees has done it twice, 70.6 percent in 2009 and 71.2 percent in 2011, the latter of which is the NFL record.

Again, there is more to it than just the quarterback. But 70 percent is a Hall of Fame figure.

For now, Wilson will be pulling on a baseball jersey again. He’ll throw out the first pitch for the Texas Rangers on Wednesday.

via Morning Links: How much better can Wilson be? | Seahawks Insider – The News Tribune.