Golden Tate Cheating With Russell Wilson’s Wife?


Some of you will read this post and say no way, but yes it’s true and i have a good source who just confirmed to me over our 15 minute conversation that Golden Tate was cheating with Russell Wilson’s Wife. I will not divulge my source in fear that they could lose their job within the Seahawks organization, but folks the real reason is such a sad story and the fact it was going on while they were in New York during the Super Bowl i find even more appalling.

I was a big Golden Tate fan but now i think he is a piece of shit for what he did to his friend and teammate Russell Wilson. ┬áIt is also the real reason Golden Tate never even answered to Seattle’s offer for him to extend in Seattle. I have been on this blog since 2004 and we would never publish bullshit so y0u can take this anyway you want. I have been a loyal Seahawks fan since 1976 and will always be a Hawks fan, but i couldn’t honor my friends request to not say anything after our conversation.

I also spoke to another friend who also works for the Seahawks Organization on the outside and they also confirmed to me that it is the rumor going around the VMAC. Such a terrible taste in my mouth to know the truth about Golden Tate and knowing it would never work for him to stay here in Seattle. All i can say is good riddance to this POS!!~~

I have no shame whatsoever so keep your comments civil or they won’t even be posted and will be deleted immediately~!

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    • I work for attorneys & do you know how many men file for divorce, less than 1%. It's always the woman. Only time a man files is if he wants to get married or if his wife has cheated. I was suspicious right away b/c he's so religious. And now 3 parties to this are living in different states. Tate in Detroit, Ashton Meem (wilson) in Raleigh, North Carolina and Elise Pollard in L.A., CA. I'd say it's very odd.

  1. It makes sense. As much as Wilson is a God loving man I knew it had to be something terrible on her part. Such a shame.

  2. Just because your friend works for the Seahawks, doesn't make them any less vulnerable to rumors! It could all be rumors running wild over there!

  3. I hope this isn't true but remember…… It takes two and she is just as responsible for her actions as Tate is for his. Sad

  4. I am not ready to say for sure yet, but I have wondered why Russell being the strong
    Christan man he is, filed for divorce. something went terribly wrong.

  5. FWIW, Golden has posted on twitter this is BS and claimed his girlfriend and Ashton were still friends and he and Russell were still friends.

  6. tate did have some odd comments on twitter about how his wife and ashton were still good friends. Also commented that someone had spread some rumors recently or something to that effect. if true, that’s despicable. as an nfl player on a good team you have a decent choice of groupies.

  7. Unfortunately, the ultimate betrayal from a supposed friend…I've seen plenty of photos of the Wilsons and Tate and his supposed girlfriend hanging out..etc…

  8. It’s none of our business. I can’t imagine what Russell is going through and I think it’s wrong to exploit his pain for our own personal gain of wanting to know. If he wants to share he will, otherwise it’s his own business, his life, not ours to play with.

  9. The fact that RW is not standing up for his "friend" and denying that "rumor" tells me that it is the truth. The girls are silent as well. Seems only the guilty party if crying foul

  10. Russell asked that this not be a public discussion as it is his private life- I think "fans" of his should respect that and leave the speculation/hear-say alone.

    • Ok Karma police, that is ridiculous, its a story.For it to get past the blogosphere, it needs to be corroborated by a credible source. You don't make millions from this industry without some scrutiny.

  11. I'll question this report if RW comes out claiming it's not true the same way Tate is claiming. So far… Silence.

  12. Not saying this is true but I do remember an interview on Bob and groz 710 ESPN Seattle with Doug Baldwin towards end of regular season when the passing game wasn’t exactly clicking and he said there was an internal issue and that they were handling it

  13. Why even get involved with the rumours? Your friend in the seahawks organization knows who the source of this new information is…..You.

  14. C’Mon Tate Really?!?! All 700k + had your back, thru Thick n Thin! We don’t play with BETRAYL!!!

    We had The Up Most Respect for ya Bruh… This ish

    Here, really cuts that relationship real short! You should know The 206 By Now, We call that Trifflin!

    Now… If it’s just a Rumor Truth will come out, and this Blog will lose credibility. RW you’re Loved & May God Bless you & your Future! Xoxo

  15. Haha! All of you were lucky enough to not meet ashton before she came to Seattle with Russ. I went to school with them (she followed him like a dog) and there was never a time people weren’t hearing her running her mouth. It wouldn’t surprise me if he just couldn’t take her crazy anymore bc she is full of a lot of it (draft day pictures look it up).

    • Russell did the right thing…regardless. Russell Wilson will earn a billion before his life is over. WINNER ! Will Golden Tate earn a billion? mmmm He's a great "playa" but not even 1/10 the man Russell is now and will become.

  16. “Still” is the keyword. The use of that word indicates that something happened between all of them. They probably chose to resolve it and move forward as shown by the actions of russy filling and tate said he was willing to take a hometown discount (not that he was gonna get signed anyway) and dipped to detroit. All i gotta say is detroit made the worst FA signing of the yr cuz tate aint all that. Mediocre and arrogant, not a good combo. Good riddence golden boy maybe Megatron can show you how to be a professional and act right. Oh and showtime? 2 or 3 catches in 4 yrs isnt exactly exciting and the most popular one was questionable and it was ALL RUSSY throwing dimes to make you look good. Good fukn riddence! We got percy, dougie, sydney back, kearse and now p rich!?!? No room 4 bums on championship squads. The lions can have our scraps. We wont skip a beat

  17. I didnt hear the interview but could tell especially durimg those last games of the season we were having trouble moving the rock in the air. Before that Tate was pretty involved in the passing game even became fantasy relevant for a fee weeks. Now that i think about it he disappeared on the playoffs and definitely was a non factor in the Superbowl. Knowing how tates arrogant personality is, im starting to think its true. What kinda dipshit does that to his qb??!?!? Seriously what a douchebag. Im pissed that prick gets a ring

  18. Makes sense, the women usually files for divorce, so this had to be it. Definitely none of our business, but still crazy to think about how this was all going down during the season.

    After reading about the Harvin trade, it came to my attention about the fight between Tate and Harvin before the Superbowl. The black eye on Tate was highlighted in pictures after the Superbowl. So it makes me wonder what exactly did Tate do to get punched in the face by Harvin. We know Harvin has issues but what exactly could he be beefin with Tate about?

    Also have to agree with the person who was talking about the Hawks trip to the White House, and how weird Tate was acting. He seemed very uncomfortable. One might say it was because he was no longer a Seahawk, but it definitely seemed like something else.

    Sticky subject, but thank you for posting, keep up the good work. Check out my site sometime about the Seahawks as well.

  19. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire. I find the fact that Tate is on twitter discussing and denying as very suspicious. Silence is golden(ha ha!). Russell wins here.

  20. I met Ashton once at a Seahawk function. While she can look quite well dressed she was frumpy and her hair was a mess. She talked non stop. Several of us wondered is maybe she had been tippin a glass before she showed up. We thought it was really odd because Russell is always well dressed

  21. Who is keeping this story alive? Golden Tate. Why would he expect Russell Wilson to deny that an affair occurred as he was not part of the duo? Any denial or clarification should come from Ashton Meem Wilson