No one is more impressive than Percy Harvin


A year ago, Percy Harvin was just starting an arduous recovery after having hip surgery. This summer, the multi-talented Harvin was the most impressive player in the Seahawks’ just-concluded training camp.

The task was traditional, and should have been easy: Selecting an MVP from the Seahawks’ just-concluded training camp.

MVP (most valuable player) morphed into MVC (most valuable camper) and then became simply BP (best player), but it took carrying the initials to MIP (most impressive player) to reach not only a consensus but a unanimous selection: Percy Harvin.

And the most impressive aspect about Harvin is that he participated – fully and impressively – from the first practice on July 25 to the 13th practice on Wednesday. Remember, Harvin had hip surgery last Aug. 1, so he never was a factor in camp and was limited to a handful of snaps in one regular-season game.

“You have no idea,” Harvin said through a smile when presented with the what-a-difference-a-year-makes scenario. “My body is feeling tremendously good. I’ve actually reached some gears that I didn’t know I had. I’m feeling very, very fast right now.”

Harvin isn’t just feeling fast, he looks fast. Freakishly fast. Intimidatingly fast. Gone-in-a-blur fast. Whether he’s catching passes from the flanker spot, out of the slot or coming out of the backfield. A healthy Harvin presents a dynamic that was missing from the Seahawks’ offense last season after he was acquired in a trade with the Minnesota Vikings in March.

“To have Percy for an entire training camp has really helped a lot,” quarterback Russell Wilson said after completing his third training camp, but the first with Harvin among his options. “Our connection, as you saw today, he made a lot of plays, was doing a lot of great things.”

And Harvin’s dossier of receptions in the final practice came during a workout when he figured to be limited after having his leg and foot stepped on during Tuesday’s session.

“To have Percy out there with his explosiveness, his tough mentality is great,” Wilson said. “We love him as a teammate.”

Make that a teammate who makes those around him better.

“Good players always help everyone else,” offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said. “And Percy is an outstanding player. He’s explosive. He makes plays. That makes everyone around him better.”

To say that Harvin is on schedule slights what he is doing. To say he is ahead of schedule doesn’t tell the whole story, either.

“I was supposed to be sitting out every other practice,” he said. “But I’ve been going every day. Like I said, I’m feeling very good. I’m explosive. I’m coming out of my breaks with no problem at all. I’m feeling very confident and I’m ready to go.

“It’s going to be a good year for me.”

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