Bobby Wagner Says Seahawks’ Defensive Depth is “Really, Really Good”

_rm19878Wagner Assesses Seattle’s Defense
Bobby Wagner is only 25 years old, but as the Pro Bowl middle linebacker readies to enter his fifth NFL season as one of the team’s defensive leaders, he’s finding himself taking on a more veteran role. And in a recent interview with 710 ESPN Seattle’s John Clayton show, Wagner outlined what type of advice he’s giving to the young guys on the team.
“You’re not the big guy in town anymore,” Wagner said. “You’re the guy who needs to ask questions, find out what Seahawk football is all about and really just make your way into this league. You gotta earn respect before it’s given to you.”
Wagner went on to echo part of what cornerback Richard Sherman said earlier this offseason, adding that several defensive players “are kind of at their peak right now” and that the depth behind those players is “really, really good.”
“I feel like it’s kind of an interesting year because when I got here a lot of the team was super young and still trying to learn, but you can see now the growth from everybody,” Wagner said. “Everybody’s been in the league a little bit longer, everybody’s starting to mature and understand the defense, and we’re starting to talk more about things that we probably didn’t even talk about when we first got here. It’s an exciting feeling to be out there with a bunch of guys who have been there for a really, really long time because we’re fortunate to do that. Not a lot of teams get to do that.”

Source: Friday Round-Up: Bobby Wagner Says Seahawks’ Defensive Depth is “Really, Really Good” | Seattle Seahawks