What Seattle Seahawks’ Michael Bennett said to Jets’ Brian Winters after guard head-butted him

michael-bennett-after-beating-the-jets_slz90ok5w11511u3b2jiuxqgmMichael Bennett was as mad as he’s been since training camp.

Michael Bennett was as mad as he’s been since training camp.

You know, when rookie right guard Germain Ifedi wasn’t backing down to the Pro Bowl defensive end after whistles.

Sunday in the first half of the Seahawks’ win over the New York Jets in the Meadowlands, Bennett got irate. And no wonder. Jets guard Brian Winters head-butted him under his chin from the left side at the end of running play for no gain by New York’s Matt Forte. Bennett was jogging alongside Winters about 5 yards behind the play when one of the dumbest stunts I’ve seen in a day or three happened.

Winters got a personal foul for unnecessary roughness. He also got a face- and earful from Bennett — and a concussion.

A few minutes after the play the press-box public-address announcer informed the media Winters was questionable to return with a “head injury.” He never came back in the game. Monday, the Jets announced Winters is now in the league’s post-concussion protocol and may not play Sunday for New York at Pittsburgh.

All for his own cheap shot.

Bennett is one of the most, uh, talkative Seahawks on the field, anyway. He was so incensed Richard Sherman and multiple other defensive mates had to pull him away from Winters and the line of scrimmage. Like he did in August when he raged at Ifedi, Bennett ripped off his helmet. Sherman calmly spoke to him for a almost a minute, while the dazed Winters took a knee and eventually wobbled off the field.

Sherman said after the game “we were pretty successful” calming down Bennett. They were; Bennett stayed in the game to finish with three tackles, a sack and two other hits on Ryan Fitzpatrick plus a tackle for a loss.

I asked Bennett after the game what he said to Winters after the Jet head-butted him.

“You don’t want to know,” Bennett said.

“Just some dirty plays … you know, s*** happens.

“He just came in, the play was over, and he hit me in my head. You know, I’ve got three daughters. I love playing with them. And I don’t want this (football) to be the last thing that I do.”

Bennett also got in a dig on Jets fans. They began emptying the Meadowlands and spilling through their neighboring toll booths early in the fourth quarter, after Seattle took a 24-10 lead. The Jets’ “white out” in the stands Sunday became an early out.

“Seahawks fans would never leave like that,” Bennett said.

Bennett is not exactly carrying his rage at Winters into this Seahawks bye week. After all, he has the last laugh.

While Winters is in darkened rooms and getting minimal mental stimuli this week trying to recover from his self-induced concussion, Bennett — who makes his offseason home in Hawaii — said this: “I’m going to be on an ocean during the bye, with my girls.”

The Seahawks are off from Monday until next Monday, Oct. 10, before their next game Oct. 16 against Atlanta.

What Michael Bennett said to Jets’ Brian Winters after he head-butted him