Tom Cable: Seattle Seahawks’ offensive issues were ‘across the board’

Pete Carroll said the issues last weekend started up front, but offensive line coach Tom Cable said the problems weren’t just with the O-line.

Saturday’s loss to the Arizona Cardinals was a tale of two halves for the Seattle Seahawks’ offense.

In the first two quarters, they managed just three points on seven possessions. In the second half, they scored four touchdowns.

Pete Carroll said after the game that the issues in the first half started up front, but associate head coach/offensive line coach Tom Cable pointed out Wednesday that the problems were not just with the offensive line.

“I think the thing that’s missing here is that it’s an across-the-board thing,” Cable said. “I think we have to become a little more complete in our maturity across the board on offense — not just talking about the offensive line, but everybody. Because in the first half, nobody was any good. In the second half, everybody was really good. So I think you have to own the truth there. And that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Later, when asked whether the offensive line’s issues were more at tackle or on the interior, Cable said, “There’s a lot going on. There’s 11 dudes in the huddle, so I think that’s more the issue than anything else.”

As for personnel, Cable said the Seahawks are sticking with Garry Gilliam at right tackle, and he praised rookie right guard Germain Ifedi. “Last few weeks, he’s been fairly dominant,” Cable said, adding that he wants to see Ifedi cut down on the false starts.

The offensive line’s issues have been a topic of conversation all year long, and that will likely continue into the offseason. Carroll was asked how much input Cable gets in choosing the guys he’s going to be coaching.

“He plays a role,” Carroll said. “The coaches have an evaluation process that we do that is part of the process. We ask for his expertise at times in certain situations, more so than others. He’s involved like all of our coaches are. They have their part of it. Then it gets turned into the personnel side of it. They don’t have a final say on what’s going on. They don’t pick the players.”

Added Cable, “We work on that together. Here you’re fortunate because you do have a voice. We’ve been so good for all these years. Everybody likes to hit the panic button, but I don’t, we don’t. It’s just a matter of being truthful, own the truth. First time we haven’t been a great rushing team, OK. A lot of battles for that. So you just keep building it back until you get it right.

“Everyone says, ‘This team is better than that team.’ Not really. We’re all just getting ready to find out.”

Source: Tom Cable: Seattle Seahawks’ offensive issues were ‘across the board’ – Seattle Seahawks Blog- ESPN